CoreAudio processing doesn't survive sleep/wake cycle

Hi guys, for me the following code in CoreAudioInternal is getting hit on wake from sleep: [Edit: Also when plugging/unplugging headphones]

            case kAudioObjectPropertyOwnedObjects:
                intern->stop (false);

I tested this with latest develop with the Plugin Host, OSX 10.12 (sierra) on a 2012 macbook pro with Built-in Microphone and Built-in Output, and with Aggregate Device.

The commit that added these lines can be found here.

Hi there, this reminds me of something:

Since then I’ve bought a new machine so I stopped looking into it.

Thanks masshacker, sorry I missed locating your post before making mine! Yeah same issue, and might just be for older hardware. I’ll dig around the core audio internals then and see if I can spot anything useful.