Correct use of applyKeyFile?

I’m working on the licensing side of things. I have every component in place (server generating keys that are emailed to users, validating activations by making calls from client to server, and writing an offline file key file using generateKeyFile).

I’m stuck on the last piece, and that is how to use applyKeyFile() to validate the offline key. How do I actually use OnlineUnlockStatus to do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

clarification: I don’t really understand how to use this abstract class. I can’t just create an object. I have looked at TracktionMarketplaceStatus but it’s still unclear to me. A small code sample would help me a lot.

Nevermind, I figured this one out… just had some learning to do. If anyone is running into this, inherit OnlineUnlockStatus into your class, and implement the pure virtual methods, which have an = 0 ; at the end of their declaration. Unlocking still fails for me, but at least it compiles.