Cpack and JUCE

I’m using cpack to build a debian installer which I think is at the point of working now.
However, included in the bundle is the JUCE source and juceaide app.

Does anyone know how to remove these from the cpack target?
The juce stuff is ending up in this structure (my files are added to usr), I realise I’ve added this prefix with the following line:

I’ve not found a sensible way to remove previous dependant targets yet. Anybody have any hints?

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Digging a bit deeper and seeing the same problem discussed here:

It seems that there’s no sensible way around this.
So this is turning in to a request for a juce cmake option to avoid the calls the install in the cmake API.

I thought the JUCE_MODULES_ONLY option might have helped but I still need juceaide for the binary data generation etc. I just don’t need to install() it or the juce source code.


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Hi @dave96,
I solved this by excluding JUCE from all:

add_subdirectory(extern/JUCE EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)

I see it’s suggested also on the SO responses.

Oh yeah, I do remember reading this. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll give it a go!

Works perfectly, thanks!

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