Crash in Ableton Live

Hi Jules,

first of all i use an older version of Juce (still Carbon), because it works like a charm. And before i change to the new version (with will have may some new problems, and needs architectural changes), i hopefully can find a quick fix for this issue.

In certain conditions:

-> Load a project with one plugin-instance
-> Load another project with one plugin instance (first project will be closed, ableton live supports only one project at time)
-> crash

After some debugging i found out that a message will be delivered (by the OS)(which was created before the first project was closed), after the second project is loaded.
In the meantime the MessageManager is deleted and created again.
The crash happens at juce::MessageManager::deliverMessage() -> delete m;

Maybe you have fixed the problem in the meantime, and can tell me how? Would be great to know!

I don’t know if it’s fixed, but since the entire messaging layer is now completely different, it’s a fair bet that the same thing won’t happen any more! If you can reproduce it in the tip, I’ll certainly take a look.