Crash on macOS 10.7 (develop)

If I revert this change, I don’t have the crash. It is the call to [NSAppearance appearanceNamed:] that is crashing.

It looks like that method is only available in 10.9+. Can you try replacing that block with these lines and see if it fixes the crash:

#if defined (MAC_OS_X_VERSION_10_14)
 if (! [window isOpaque])
     [window setBackgroundColor: [NSColor clearColor]];

  [view setAppearance: [NSAppearance appearanceNamed: NSAppearanceNameAqua]];

Nope it is not working, I have to comment that line if I want a build that works on macos 10.7.

However it works if I’m using (not sure if that is the correct way of doing it):


Great, I’ll push that. Thanks for the help.