Crash when exiting while popup menu is displayed

Hi there,

If I quit a VST host (with cmd-Q) while a juce plugin is displaying a popup menu, a crash happens. This occurs with juce 1.45 or juce-svn, on mac. It can be reproduced quickly with the demo plugin of juce, just add some code to open a popup in, for example, DemoEditorComponent::sliderValueChanged , load the plugin in a host, make the popup appear and then quit the application with cmd-Q. It does not happen with a standalone app such as the jucedemo. I think there is a link with the addGlobalMouseListener stuff but that is beyond my knowledge !


Hi Julien,

I have fixed this on the production_1_46 branch I’m setting up by using an async menu for all dialog boxes/popup menus to avoid having a call like: retval = DoModal (control)

Andrew Simper