Crash when removing a slider while using it (in +/- stepper UI mode)

This has not been thoroughly tested and I’m not sure it it should be handled by JUCE or by the dev, but I have met cases when clicking a + on a slider/stepper makes my interface change and remove this same slider component (in the same thread).
My use case is that I have a GUI interface with an “Inspector”, i.e. unique editor for any item you select in the software (like in Unity3D). One of the sliders, shown in this Inspector, are creating / removing objects when the value changes, and when those objects are created, they are automatically selected and shown in the Inspector, replacing the existing content containing the slider.
This causes a crash in the Slider class (I don’t have the log with me unfortunately, and I fixed the error on my side, preventing the new items to be selected on creation).

It’s more of an FYI, and again not sure if it’s something that should be handled from inside JUCE, even though I’m pretty sure it’s reproducible and dev should allow to remove a component while it’s interacting with it. Not the best UX but still something that should be possible I think.