Crashed plug-in scanning broken?

Hi Jules,

The commit from May 03, 2013 ("Plugin scanning: ability to use multiple threads") may have broken the postponement of previously crashed plug-ins. 


In PluginDirectoryScanner::PluginDirectoryScanner, you deliberately placed recently crashed files back in the list, but in the commit above you reverse the order in which plug-ins are scanned; hence the previously crashed plug-ins are scanned first.


Also, I am making a UI for the scanning process which is a bit more elaborate. Do you think you can allow for the scanning process to optionally ignore problematic plug-ins? I want to allow the user to choose to leave them alone. A boolean in the ctor of PluginDirectoryScanner would probably be enough.

No comment?

I thought it already ignored the ones that were on the blacklist?

It does ignore the black list. I overlooked that; sorry.

My issue is rather with the fact that previously crashed files are processed before all others. I suppose that's unintentional?

Not sure, but surely plugins that crash go into the blacklist so it doesn't matter what the order is?

I would have thought so too. In one case a user gets stuck on the same plug-in . A rescan triggers a crash every time, and no other plug-ins are touched. I'm unable to debug the sequence since it's not my machine.