Crashing now on application startup

My app used to run ok, but I've since upgraded JUCE and also changed the layout of my code... so I don't know exactly where the fault may be.

In any event,  I populate a document window with a grid of buttons, and before I'm finished I get a SIGSEGV with:


(juce::GlobalRef::callBooleanMethod(_jmethodID*, ...) const+48)



Unfortunately I can't get better debugging information just yet: but it seems very strange to me that it should crash on the takeKeyboardFocus.  Could it be that I'm initializing my stuff before the gui bits are all ready?  How should I proceed to debug this?



Looks like some mis-linked code to me. Probably mixing different versions of your headers and cpp files somehow.

I don't *think* so, since I only use one set of headers (directly from the juce source).

But perhaps I need to recompile the library code ... I'll take a look.

I'll fetch the latest tip, and try it here. But I last built an Android app a week ago (8th/Oct) and it was fine.

// Just a thought... did you remember to mark the project as including Native Support? 

{Not adding Native Support often caught me out!}

Just built latest tip of JuceDemo. Runs fine.

It seems to be related to changes in my code since the last time I ran on Android.  That was only a few weeks ago, but I'm having a hard time figuring out just what changed to screw things up.  It looks like I'm smashing the stack somehow...

Silly qustion, (just of you're not absolutely sure your code is to blame) have you built something simple (like the example project), just to check that your build environment is still sensible?