Crazy problem with Boost ASIO on Snow Leopard


I’m having this crazy problem with the Boost ASIO Library, which I’ve been having for like a month now with minimal progress, and I’m at my wits end over it. I’m trying to write a program that reads a serial port (using the FTDI RS232 -> USB chip) and does some graphical stuff with the data. But any time I try to read the serial port using Boost, my keyboard and trackpad on my Macbook pro completely shut off and become unresponsive. My computer still runs normally, and the power button still works, but the keyboard and mouse just stop responding. I’m forced to hold the power button down and hard power cycle it to get it up again.

This behavior doesn’t seem to happen unless JUCE_START_APPLICATION is called. Without that, Boost works fine. I think that the function initialiseNSApplication() has something to do with it.

Has this happened to anyone before? I’m having a lot of trouble figuring this one out, much more so than the other bugs I’ve from time to time posted here…



It seems like there may be some conflict with Boost macros.

See this file:

Please post back with your experiences!


That does sound pretty crazy! But I can’t think of any way that START_JUCE_APPLICATION (which basically just creates a main() function for your app) could interfere with the workings of a 3rd party library, I’m afraid!