"CreateDirButton" in FileChooser::browseForDirectory() ?

On several occasions when using JUCE-based applications, I’ve noticed that the default dialog to browse for a directory doesn’t let you create a new directory if needed.
Specifically, I am a little frustrated when starting a new project in Jucer: I always have to create the project directory outside Jucer before browsing for it in the new project wizard.

I guess Win/Mac users get a native dialog with (possibly) the option of doing this inline(?), but being on Linux I get the default Juce dialog.

What I really wanted to do was to add this feature to Jucer myself and propose a patch, but after reading the source and browsing the docs I just have to admit I’m too new to Juce to figure it out. Is it necessary to subclass FileChooser/FileBrowserComponent/etc to add this functionality, or is there just some option that I’ve missed?

Yes, I never added one of those for linux… I guess it’d need to go in the FileChooserDialogBox class, along with the ok/cancel buttons.