Creating gradient filled rotary for audio dials?

Hello - getting used to Juce and started building a few things. I’m not a total stranger to programming but still learning c++ and never done much graphics programming. Like the current rotarys do, when you click and drag the circular bar ‘fills up’ to indicate position, how would one go about trying to make this a gradient fill?

I’ve stumbled across the graphics setFill, setGradientFill, ColourGradients but getting stuck now and not too sure where to go or look.

If anyone has any ideas or pointers that would be great!

I suggest you look at creating a custom Look & Feel implementation of the Rotary Slider. There is an excellent tutorial on this, which coincidentally uses a rotary dial for some of it.

Regarding gradients, I tend to think of them as “rectangular” or “linear”, and I believe that is basically how they work. That’s not immediately a good fit for the dial circular outline, if you want to the dial band to be e.g. by dark at low values and bright at high values.