Creating Stroke out of stroked path seems to be not proper

Hi Jules,
I am trying to stroke a path which is already stroked, I am not sure whether the output is correct. Please check the output.

Path path;
		path.addRectangle(0, 0, 50 , 50);

		Path destPath;

		PathStrokeType strokeType(10.0f) ;
		strokeType.createStrokedPath(destPath, path) ;

		Image image(Image::PixelFormat::ARGB, 200, 200, true);
		Graphics g(image);
		g.strokePath(destPath, PathStrokeType(1.0f),AffineTransform::identity.translated(100, 100));

		File file("D:\\temp.png");
		FileOutputStream* pStream = file.createOutputStream();
		PNGImageFormat format;
		format.writeImageToStream(image, *pStream);
		delete pStream;

Inner stroke line is having a knot at joining . Can you please explain

Intersecting line segments are not joining correctly.