Crosscompiling for arm64 on a x86 machine

Azure build pipelines don’t yet support arm64 machines (but will soon).

In the meantime, I want at least start building for arm64 in my CI pipelines on Azure.
I’m able to build other projects cmake -G "Visual Studio 17 2022" -DCMAKE_GENERATOR_PLATFORM=arm64 on a Windows agent.

With JUCE (7.0.4) however, the process fails. I found out that it is because juceaide is built (built fo arm64) and executed during the cmake generate call (before even building). Since the agent is a x86/x64 machine, the execution fails.

Is there a simple way to cross-compile? (e.g. have juceaide built for x86 while building my project im arm64)


Did you ever figure out how do this?