Cubase and ppqPosition in cycle mode



could somebody confirm and may explain why Cubase doesn’t come up with
the right ppqPosition when it jumps back to cycle start position in loop mode?
I would expect that the ppqPosition is exact the same like cycle start position
but it is slightly higher.



Nobody can confirm this? Strange…

May I have to explain it a bit better.
Lets say I start playback from position in the Cubase timeline. Then I would expect
the ppqPosition in processBlock() to start with 4ppq but it comes up with 3.62ppq something.
If I have a cycle active, Cubase comes up with a little ppq offset in the oppsite direction
when it jumps back to cycle start position. Say cycle start is, cycle end is Here I would
expect Cubase to come up with 4ppq after the backward jump to cycle start position but it
comes up with something like 4.0028???.

I checked on both, Mac and PC and both is the same. Ableton instead does it the way I expect.

How do you deal with that?



I vaguely remember noticing something odd like this a long time ago, but can’t remember the details. Remember that these are the positions of the start of the current block, which may not line up exactly with the time that you think you’re starting from.


I agree with that if the ppqPosition is lower than the expected value e.g. if you just hit play but not if it is higher
like on a backward jump to cycle start position.

Anyway, may somebody else having to deal with that can suggest a solution…

Thank you Jules!