Cubase latency issues

My plugin has 32 samples latency.

My strategy has been to:

  • Call setLatencySamples(32) in prepareToPlay()

All works fine with the plugin’s own bypass button.

However, when any of the Cubase bypass buttons (plugin power button, mixer bypass etc.) are bypassed, the signal goes out of time with the other tracks by 32 samples.

It appears that Cubase does not un-delay the other tracks when the Cubase bypass button is pressed?

Starting/stopping playback does not fix the issue.

Other DAWs tested have been fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Customer’s setup: vst2 x64 Cubase 9, windows 10.

you have to override processBypassed() too, and introduce the same latency in there

I wish the DSP classes had a simple delay line for doing this :slight_smile:



That sorted it thanks! Customer happy.

The exact name of the function now is processBlockBypassed() (although what you said is still searchable in the codebase)