Cubase Midi Insert Velocity Curve Plugin

Hi Everybody

Some of you may know, that Cubase does not have a proper Midi Velocity Insert Plugin.

So I would like to build one by myself but I have to admit I can not do it.

Maybe someone already has done such a plugin or somebody has some time to realize it.

I would be able to pay 200 Euro, I know this would never be enough but thats all I got.

I could imagine one simple way could be 127 sliders for midi or maybe a curve.

If somebody is interested please write me

Best regards

Unfortunately JUCE does not support Steinberg’s VST Module Architecture SDK for Cubase (& Sonar IIRC) MIDI insert effects.

I must say this is something I would love to see added to JUCE @jules - I would be willing to contribute financially directly towards its development. Anyone on the forum interested to take on writing a JUCE VST MA wrapper? Is it even possible?

Of course, I would also very much like to see support of VST MIDI inserts in the DAWs concerned too!

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I found this:

“Download the VST SDK from the Steinberg SDK download portal. If you download the VST3 SDK then you can build both VST3- and VST2-compatible plug-ins.”?

Is this for audio plugins only?

It is possible to write MIDI only VST / Audiounit plugins using JUCE - I’m working on one - but Cubase / Sonar (IIRC) / Digital Performer do not support them as MIDI inserts. Cubase’s MIDI inserts rely on Steinberg’s little used VST MA SDK.

I guess the real problem is that Cubase doesn’t haver proper support for VST MIDI inserts.

Looks like someone may already have written a VST MA velocity scaler plugin which may fill your needs, subject to compatibility.

I have already installed these plugins. The Problem is that they are not midi insert plugins. You can make 2 tracks and rout them to your vst instruments, but I would like to have a midi insert plugin because it is more convenient. Cubase is number one host for midi but they do not offer a velocity midi plugin - somehow a bit funny…

I suggest you add your 2¢ to this thread.

I suggest I do too! is one of the few developers writing VST MA MIDI effects which will appear in Cubase as MIDI inserts as you expect.

The trouble is that Steinberg have made it very unattractive to anyone to bother developing MIDI inserts for Cubase because they’re using their proprietary VST MA SDK and it is not at all widely supported by other DAWs (who mostly implement VST / AU MIDI insert effects).

Unfortunately, I’ve just explained why @jules and his team are very unlikely to add a VST MA wrapper to JUCE, no matter how nicely I ask.

Thank you for the link to the thread, i will add my 2¢…

I already wrote the guy at - he could do it but it would cost 2400 Euro… this is a Little steep for me…

If JUCE supported VST MA, I would have offered to write the plugin you requested. But unfortunately I think writing the necessary VST MA wrapper is way beyond my current capability, if it’s even possible.

I found something very interesting.

There is a midi plugin called midiCurve:

This plugin is what I am looking for despite it is not midi insert but instrument track. There is also the source code available whit these files:



Maybe this would be not that difficult because all this is available. Maybe a pro could answer this.

you said you’re working on a midi plugin with juce . if it’s open-source can you give me your AppConfig.h? I’m dying to get my midi plugin working :confounded:

hi, sorry I did not start yet. The files i mentioned are from a audio plugin with midi data, not a midi insert plugin. The files are from here: