Cubase + VST3 bug

When calling beginParameterChangeGesture / endParameterChangeGesture, after finishing a drag in Cubase (7.0.7 on OS X 10.10.2) the parameter value is always set to 0 (regardless of the value which the user dragged to).

To test this bug here's a patch to add gestures support to the JUCE demo plugin:

Not sure if this is a bug in Cubase or in the VST3 wrapper.

Cheers, Yair

I reported this issue almost a year ago:

which resulted in many confirmations but no solutions or workarounds.

I just today received a reply to a PM I sent someone at Steinberg months ago on this issue.  Of course the initial response from Jules was "must be something odd about the way the host's handling it" and the initial response from Steinberg was "looks like a JUCE issue" but I'll provide them with an example of the problem and hopefully we can get both parties working together to find a solution.

As I said in my PM to Steinberg:

Too often these issues trap developers like myself between two companies each saying "It's not us, it's them" when what is needed is for both companies to work together to find a solution, regardless of whose "fault" it is.

Here's hoping we can get this one resolved.  And maybe VST3 bypass as well while we're at it:

Thanks for the pointer!

This problem was fixed recently.

The commit that fixes the problem is here.

I was experiencing the same issue and this fixed it. However, the fix exists on the soundradix fork and I don't know if/when it will be integrated into the master build.


Shortly after I posted the fix on that thread Jules did make this commit in the main repo: