Current system/cpu load

Is there some part of the Juce library (or does anyone know of some other cross platform library) that can return the current CPU load/usage (ie: CPU busy or amount of free processor resources) from the system the (Juce based) application is running on?

I have tried: “AudioDeviceManager::getCpuLoad()”, but that always seems to return "0’.

I am creating an audio processing application in Juce, and I want to display some sort of meter that shows how busy the system/CPU(s) are, so that the use knows when they are trying to do too much, and the system can’t keep up.

Don’t you mean AudioDeviceManager::getCpuUsage() ?

If so, here’s a tutorial on AudioDeviceManager and how to use the getCpuUsage:

hi, did you found out? I have the same issue