CurveEditor tracktion_engine

Hi everyone,
Could someone explain to me how to implement the pure virtual function

Selectable* CurveEditor::getItem()


It should return the “thing” (Selectable) that the curve represents. The CurveEditor will select it if clicked in the right place. I.e. for an automation curve it would be the AutomatableParameter, for a tempo curve, the TempoSequence.

Thanks for the quick response.

Selectable* AutomationCurveEditorComponent::getItem() 
			if(pointUnderMouse != -1)
				return curveEditorPoints.add(new AutomationCurveEditorPoint(pointUnderMouse, this));
			if (curveUnderMouse != -1)
				return curveEditorPoints.add(new AutomationCurveEditorPoint(curveUnderMouse, this));
			return autParam;

I had thought something like this… so it’s a pleasure to hear that i was on the right way :slight_smile:

What about the curveEditor for the control changes ? Should i use the te::CurveEditor even here ? how it works in Waveform ?

What do you mean by “control changes”? MIDI CC?
If so, we don’t use automation curves in Waveform for those, they’re just points.

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There is some hint in the tracktion libraries ( such as CurveEditor ) where i can get something or i must do all from scratch ?
That could help me a lot.

Sorry, I’m still not clear exactly what you’re trying to do?


Looking at the image i’m very curious to know how using JUCE you can implement it.
You must have a path and during the mouseDrag you need to create a ponit each X pixel and the drawLine between the point and add it the to path ?
And so i was wandering if there is already a base class that you can implements to obtain that behaviour ( just like CurveEditor ).

It’s simpler than you probably think. CurveEditor is for bezier curves like automation or tempo changes.
For MIDI it’s just a point (i.e. beat time with a y-value). So all you need to do is convert the beat position to a pixel on the screen and draw a horizontal line between that point and the next event.

For that kind of drawing, there are great examples in the SamplerPluginDemo from Juce.

do you refer to this ?

OK i found a way to deal with it.

MidiList& MidiClip::getSequence() const noexcept
    if (! hasValidSequence())
        jassertfalse; // This shouldn't get hit, let Dave know if it does
        static MidiList dummyList;
        return dummyList;

    jassert (channelSequence.size() > 0);
    return *channelSequence.getUnchecked (currentTake);

I’m in troubles with this problem…
The comment just say

“This shouldn’t get hit, let Dave know if it does”

so can you explain me this error ? ( i hit that using the undo manager while i was doing undo operations on midi clip ).