Custom build.gradle & CMakeLists.txt


I just added Firebase to a Juce Android project. Everything works fine, but I have one problem with Projucer.

To make all of this work I need to edit 5 files:

  • app level build.gradle
  • app level CMakeLists.txt
  • project level
  • project level build.gradle
  • project level settings.gradle

Projucer offers field to edit the app level build.gradle (Extra module's build.gradle content), and the settings.gradle (Custom gradle.settings content <- notice how gradle.settings is the wrong way round :wink: ? )

The are not affected by Projucer and are not overwritten when re-saving the project, so edits I make in there are fine.

But when editing CmakeLists.txt and the project level build.gradle, these get overwritten by Projucer. Wouldn’t it make sense to have fields for these files in the Projucer as well? Or is there another workaround on how these don’t get overwritten every time I re-save the project via Projucer?