Custom Floating Window

Hello, I’m a bit lost :

I would like to create a floating window in our standalone app, with custom design (rounded border, custom title bar with custom cross button, specific title bar height etc), with a boolean to say if it’s blocking for the rest of the app or not, and choosing if it appears as another window in the os task bar.
I identified different objects to do so, but it’s not very clear to me wich one is intended to what :

About runModalLoop, the doc says that we should never use it. Isn’t it the normal way to create a blocking window ?

It used to be, but modal loops can cause trouble and leave the app in an unusable state.
Instead you call now component.enterModalState()

I think AlertWindow is best suited if you want to use the native message boxes of the OS, otherwise IMHO it’s optional if you use it or create something from ResizableWindow.

The WindowFlags in addToDesktop are responsible if it should be on the task bar or not. The one you need is windowIsTemporary

Hope that helps

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