Custom Font embedding

Hi Jules,

I would like to use non system fonts TTF in juce.

What would be the best option for this ?

I've tried TheVinn vf_FreeTypeFaces with his FreeTypeAmalgam but I don't get good results with small font rendering and font size, so I'm looking for another solution.

Having custom font is something a lot of people IMHO are looking for so I wonder how they currently do it.



FontSerializer + BinaryBuilder

My goal was not to have better rendering although it could be great but to allow on the fly TTF font loading for our users.

In that case the FontSerializer with Binary builder is not a solution.

Fonts are mostly used here to have special rendering with old typo or old LCD look like this




Use Vinn's FreeTypeAmalgam. Then you can load TTF dynamically


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I think Vinn said he is probably not going to further maintain it - just an FYI.