Custom Makros in JucePluginDefines.h (not overwritten by Projucer)

I have an audio plugin that has different plugin codes for the VST and AU version. In the Projucer I can just set one Plugin Code for all formats.

So in the JucePluginDefines.h file I need to set the two makros JucePlugin_AUSubType (for the AU) and JucePlugin_VSTUniqueID (for the VST) to different values.

But all makros in JucePluginDefines.h are auto-generated each time the Projucer Project is saved.

Is there a way to exclude some part from overwirting?

I have seen here in the forum that e. g. in the AppConfig.h file there is a place where makros can be defined that will not be overwritten like this:

#define MY_MAKRO 1

Or what would be the best practice here?