Custom options audio MIDI settings menu


I was able to find the code to generate the audio settings MIDI option in juce_StandaloneFilterWIndow.h header file. I don’t understand how to customize this menu without directly editing the Juce source itself. The dialog window seems to be designed in showAudioSettingsDialog.

Is there a clean way to customize this popup option menu:

  • I would like to implement a custom filter to only show specific input/output devices in the options list.
  • Adding a new custom comboBox/button after the Active MIDI inputs text section.

Can I perhaps just try to get the options button, hide it, and then add my own option button with my custom menu?


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What was your solution for this? I also have to customize the options button and the audio settings dialog in the StandaloneFilterWindow.

I did not find any solution.

The ugly one was to directly modify the Juce code, but I refuse to do that. I am using Juce as a submodule I don’t want to have patches to handle in my project.

In the end, it was not a very important change to do so I buried this task in my backlog :sweat_smile:

If you find a way to do it, feel free to share the solution here.

I wonder if you can’t just duplicate juce_AudioDeviceSelectorComponent.cpp/.h, rename the class AudioDeviceSelectorComponent2 (or whatever) and modify as desired? I’ve done this sort of thing for a few components that would have required major hacks to the JUCE library. I just compare them every now and then to the latest JUCE release to see if any changes were made that I should consider updating.

I found the solution here:

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