Custom Synthesiser Voice Constructor breaks synth

I have a a class derived from SynthesiserVoice called SynthVoice. It works normally but now I’d like to add a AudioProcessorValueTreeState::Listener to it so it can respond to parameter changes.
So I inherit the Listener class in my SynthVoice and I need to call the vts.addParameterListener(ID, this) function in the SynthVoice() constructor.
Now as soon as I write a constructor in the SynthVoice class it stops outputting sound.
I tried removing all the arguments and created an empty constructor:
And it still stops outputting sound.
I also tried calling the superclass constructor(SynthesizerVoice) by doing this:
and it still breaks the voice.

Is there a reason why adding an empty constructor changes the behaviour of the voice? and why? Also, is there a better way to respond to Parameter changes than using a Listener in the synthvoice class?