Dark mode changes not received on macOS 13

My plug-in doesn’t receive the dark mode settings changes on macOS 13.0.1 (22A400). My editor is a juce::DarkModeSettingListener that is attached to the juce::Desktop and when I change the mode in the OS preferences, the method darkModeSettingChanged() is not called (it works well on Windows).

It seems that the bug has been introduced by this commit Displays: Add keyboardInsets member to Display, to allow querying on… · juce-framework/JUCE@8cab4cf · GitHub.

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As a temporary solution for those who want a quick fix, here is a patch that reverts the commit on the master branch - tag 7.0.3.
Fix Dark mode changes on macOS.patch (3.2 KB)


noticed this as well, thank you! would love to see this in the develop branch!

I created a PR on Github. Hopefully, it will facilitate things for integrating the patch. If the problem is solved in another way, feel free to close the PR.

Thanks for reporting, fixed here:


Thanks @reuk !