Default Constructor for PluginEditor for live build

I am sure I am missing something extremely obvious and simple (and most likely c++ related and not really JUCE), but I am having my first look at the live build engine and I can’t seem to find the right way to add a default constructor to editor.

Specifically, as the editor requires a reference to the processor and inherits from AudioProcessorEditor, I cannot intuit how to make a default constructor.

Can anyone help me?

Take a look at this -

Hi, I’m also quite new to JUCE. I’ve made a basic plugin so far, however this is my first attempt at using the live view. I’m encountering the same issue and I unfortunately wasn’t able to understand how to solve my issue from the video link. Is there any chance you could take me through each step that is needed in order get the live coding working correctly? So, I currently have a completely fresh Audio Plug-In project, but when I try to view the ProjectnameAudioProcessorEditor component I’m getting the error that ‘Cannot create a live view: This class has no default constructor’. How can I add a default constructor to this class? I understand that this is a very basic question, but I would appreciate any help that you can give me. I would guess that I need to change something with the current constructor that has the setSize() function in it. However, I’m struggling to figure out exactly what that is without breaking it. Additionally, if you could point me in the direction of any material that I could read in order to avoid any similar basic problems in the future I would again be very grateful.

Thanks, Jack

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Actually I had the same problem that you did. All you have to do is locate the little “+” sign on the left side panel and select “Add New GUI Component”. That will add a cpp and h file with the same name. Thats the component that allows you to build the GUI. Guess they want to keep the GUI components separate from the processor and editor. Hope that helps.