Delay Compensation and setLatency


We are currently working on a plugin which hosts multiple 3rd party plugins and are trying to relay the values of a plugins latency to the host, using


but it returns an unexpected value, to then relay the information to the host through


Can anyone tell us exactly how to call the LatencySamples from a hosted plugin and relay it back to the host.

Thanks in advance


These methods can be a little confusing in terms of which side calls which method, but setLatencySamples is provided for the plugin itself to call, to set the value that it will return when the host asks it for its latency.

Obviously you can't call something to tell a plugin to use a different latency - the latency is determined by the algorithm it uses.

If a plugin is returning junk, then well.. welcome to the wonderful world of plugin hosting! Don't be surprised if some of them behave in stupid ways!

Hi Jules,

Thank you so much for your response, not the wonderfully simple solution we had hoped for, I guess it's more bashing of fingers against keys and heads against screens until something sticks.