[Demo -- IDEA] Illustration of ApplicationProperties

I think the method of documenting the entire framework through an all-encompassing demo is genius.

To this end, it might be an idea to demonstrate persisting data via ApplicationProperties.

That's the only thing I've needed so far that I wasn't able to find in the demo. I found it in the book.

Can't see any obvious place to put it tho...

Maybe a circle that you can reposition & change the colour of. Or some text. Maybe the audio settings tab is close enough? Or maybe it could just remember which tab was previously open. Although that would be quite easy to miss. Maybe a new tab?!


Yes, good request.

(The Introjucer uses properties if you want to look at some code as a reference)

I think it would be great if ApplicationProperties is multi-process aware  (if your application uses child-processes), alternatively the first processs should lock (open the file for writing) the file.

Also a valueTree-based accessing style would be great, also the ability to store binary data as binary data and not only as a String. 


I just had an idea of a possible nice place to put this in the demo: the audio settings page!

So that it remembers your audio settings between sessions.

I think that would be a good place, because a lot of people would want exactly that functionality in their own app, and also it would demonstrate the fact that the audio manager has special serialisation methods.


I think it would be great if ApplicationProperties is multi-process aware

...so Fabian is gonna create the SuperScope at last :-D


No seriously, good idea, would help a lot...