Desktop orientation does not work on iPad

Testing my hopefully soon-to-be-released app, I found an issue.

iPhone 4 -- rotate the device, the display changes as expected (same on Android)

iPad mini -- rotate the device, display remains in portrait mode.  The iPad does change the orientation since the menu bar moves as expected; but all the drawing in the application remains portrait.



The iPad is running iOS 8.1... something

Changining "isUsingOldRotationMethod" to return 'true' instead of what it currently does, seems to work.  I don't know what the ultimate effect of this is, however.

The main problem now seems to be that the dimensions in 'size' callbacks are wrong; or at least, when I try to draw text in an edit the text appears lower than it should

Hi Ronaaron, I was able to reproduce your bug when no device orientations were checked in the the deployment settings under general project settings. Unfortunately, this is currently the default when the Introjucer creates an iOS Xcode project which I'll be fixing in a moment. For now, try checking Portrait, Landscape Left an Landscape right. Also, don't forget to remove the modifications you made to isUsingOldRotationMethod. Does this work for you?

Fix for the Xcode exporter of the Introjucer has now been fixed in the latest commit

Just tested on latest JUCE: it does not work for me on my iPad mini

Just the relevant portion of my plist is:


This is strange as it seems to work for us. We have an iPad Mini with iOS 8.1. Sometimes however, we've noticed that - for some odd reason - the iPad fails to register rotation changes. But this happens in any app, even in Apple's apps.

Well, like I said: if I modify the Juce code I do get the notification, and in any case the pad itself rotates the keyboard input.

I guess I'll just have to modify the Juce source until the issue is really fixed.

Turns out it also doesn't work on my iPhone 5s.  <grrr>