Detecting Changes to Audio Device/Sample Rate Bug


I have a standalone application running on Mac. If I read the outputDeviceName and sampleRate using deviceManager.getAudioDeviceSetup() they are correct when I launch the program.

However, if I change the audio device or sample rate outside of the program while the program is running and check them again they are unchanged. This is a big problem because the sample rate I use to configure my processing does not match the HW sample rate.

I’m constantly calling deviceManager.getAudioDeviceSetup() and checking the outputDeviceName and sampleRate in a timerCallback.

Any ideas? Thank you!

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Sorry for the delay in responding.

This issue should be fixed by this commit:

Please try it out and let us know if the problem persists, or if you run into any new issues.

Sorry to hijack, but don’t suppose there’s any updates on getting correct sample rate from Logic?

In what context? Is there an existing issue describing the problem?

If not, please can you provide a set of steps (and a code sample if appropriate) which trigger the issue you’re seeing?