Developer needed for vocal music analysis system

I want to develop a vocal music analysis system (web based) that can show the graphical representation of pitch, tell the key of a song, the vocal range. This is for the purpose of music auditions. Please, the due date is getting close.

Are you looking for a developer to build the complete website, or just the signal analysis part?

Good pitch and key detection is not a trivial task, and since you are building a website, you could consider using the http-based sonicAPI  webservice to do the actual analysis. The service is currently still free to use, and will give you access to some high quality audio analysis and processing algorithms.

You can find some in-browser demo of pitch-tracking and key analysis here:

Just create a free account if you want to upload your own files for the online demo. The code examples and docs should give any decent web developer enough information to integrate it in a web application.

You can also check the quality of the pitch and key detection with the free demo of zplane's vielklang plugin, which uses the same technology:

Disclaimer: I work for zplane and participated in building both vielklang and sonicAPI (with JUCE!)




I really need help with the building of the complete website, i couldn't find a good web developer to help, if you can i will be grateful.


For Web Based Vocal/Audio this really looks like your best bet!

Good luck!