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HI! I would like to ask you about what happens when I create a “plugin” project from projucer:
I buld it both as a plugin and as a standalone, when I launch the program as standalone I have a devicemanager available, how do I get an instance of this in the code? What happens when I launch the program as a plugin to this device manager? Does it still exist or is it not allocated at all?

I don’t fully understand your question. but, the standalone version is virtually the DAW for the plugin, running the audio. the plugin version requires a DAW to run the audio. could you try clarify your question? is there a particular thing you want to do?

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Really thank you, I’m try to do a plugin host with my custom main window in standalone app (so it does’t show anymore the button to open audio device component). I’d like to understand where the audioDevice is instantiated and how to recall it… At this point my question is also… where the instance of this virtual daw? how can I access to it?

Not sure if this might help:

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But make sure to scroll down, the valuable information starts at post 14:

However, first let me ask, what exactly you want from the DeviceManager?
The common routings are available in the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent, that is presented when the user presses the “Audio Midi Setup” Button in the window title bar.

The plugin should be agnostic to those settings, it gets and returns information via processBlock().
And which options are presented in the settings component are determined with the projucer settings/macros.

Sure there might be a legit reason to modify stuff, just asking…

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