Would it be possible for you to add a method to wrap a currently existing dc (not one created by the Image::createSystemNativeImage method, but one created manually, or passed in by windows) and draw directly to it? Say, add it to Image? I am unsure how complicated this would be, but considering you create one internally using the above method, perhaps it would not be too difficult I’d hope?

Yea, still trying to get printing to work as well, so far I’ve managed to get access to the printer and query settings, access the spool to push pages into, but now it is consistently failing at StartPagePrinter(thePrinter). Little steps I guess; never have accessed a printer outside of MFC (yea, laugh all you want, I hate dealing with paper even more then I hate dealing with MFC :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Wrapping up other DCs is a bit tricky, though it’s something I’ll need to figure out when I add extra rendering mechanisms (gdi+, agg, etc). It’ll need quite a serious bit of reorganisation internally.

Oy, that sounds fun…