Dialog Window AlwaysonTop

i’m trying to make a dialogWindow with an option to to toggle always on top of othere windows apps.

i’ve created a button on the title bar that toggles the setAlwaysOnTop method of the dialogwindow inherted from the Component class

problem is once i set it to true i can’t get it to stop staying on top when i set it back to false

any suggestions?

which OS? I’ll take a look at that, sounds like a bug.

right now for WinXP but i’ll be porting over to OSX as well

also i’m using the 1.7 version of juce because i had to make modifcations for vertical sliders

ah - 1.7 was a long time ago, I’m sure I remember fixing something like that…

There’s vertical sliders now in 1.12 - no excuse not to upgrade now!

Danm i wish i could but i’m about 85% done with this project and can’t risk it :frowning:

ah well, do a diff and see if you can spot the fix.

What’s the project? Anything good?

Just a control panel for a peice of audio hardware

what do i need to Diff the Component.cpp?

could have been in juce_win32_windowing.cpp or nativedesktopwindow.cpp too…