Difference between Button::Listener and ButtonListener


I’m in the process of upgrading a project that was built on juce 1.46 to use the latest juce version.

I’m pretty much there and managed to get everything to build using the latest xcode and juce and introjucer.

One of the changes I had to do in the code had to do with addButtonListener() being replaced by addListener(), going from 1.46 to 2.0.

While doing that change it was not clear to me whether my classes should inherit from Button::Listener rather than ButtonListener?
I suspect these are exactly the same but I thought I’d ask here just to make sure I don’t do anything the wrong way.


They are exactly the same - I just left the ButtonListener typedef in there because some older Microsoft compilers had a bug that prevented them from correctly parsing Button::Listener in some situations.

ok, thanks