(Different) bug in TabbedButtonBar::removeTab

I'm using Juce v3.2.0 on Mac (though this bug should occur in Windows too). I checked the tip and the code is the same there.

void TabbedButtonBar::removeTab (const int tabIndex, const bool animate)
    const int oldIndex = currentTabIndex;
    if (tabIndex == currentTabIndex)
        setCurrentTabIndex (-1);

    tabs.remove (tabIndex);

    setCurrentTabIndex (oldIndex);
    updateTabPositions (animate);

The value for currentTabIndex becomes bad when a tab before the current one is removed. For example, if there's four tabs and the fourth one is selected, currentTabIndex = 3.

Remove tab 1. currentTabIndex will still be 3, even though that's not a valid index with three tabs.

Remove (what is now) tab 1. currentTabIndex = 3 still, with two tabs.

Visually, the last tab stays selected, so there's no external indication that currentTabIndex is bad. But code that calls getCurrentTabIndex() will get bad values (which is how I found this).




Thanks for the heads-up.. How about this?

void TabbedButtonBar::removeTab (const int indexToRemove, const bool animate)
    if (isPositiveAndBelow (indexToRemove, tabs.size()))
        int oldSelectedIndex = currentTabIndex;

        if (indexToRemove == currentTabIndex)
            oldSelectedIndex = -1;
        else if (indexToRemove < oldSelectedIndex)

        tabs.remove (indexToRemove);
        setCurrentTabIndex (oldSelectedIndex);
        updateTabPositions (animate);

Yep, that fixes it. Thanks!