Different look in linux due to recent font changes

Something changed in the last few weeks in regards to fonts on Linux. Last time I did a git pull was March 30 to get to v6.1.6. Application has looked like this for the past few years:

With the git pull I did today, it now looks like this:

I looked at BREAKING-CHANGES.txt but did not see anything listed. I do see some recent changes in
modules/juce_graphics/native/juce_linux_Fonts.cpp but nothing stands out as either the cause of the difference or the solution.

From what I can tell, on Ubuntu the default that JUCE previously used until very recently is “Liberation Sans”. The new default now seems to be an italic version of “DejaVu Sans”.

To get back to the old/normal font, call this in your application’s initialize() method:

    .setDefaultSansSerifTypefaceName("Liberation Sans");

To provide another example value that you can use, try this to see the difference:


To the maintainers of JUCE: can we get back the old default? Or was this an intentional change, to use a heavy italic font as the new default font?

I think it’s related

Thanks, that is interesting to know, and does sound similar. But that says it was fixed 16 days ago. I just did a git pull a few hours ago and ran into this for the first time. I’m on Ubuntu 20.04 if that is important.

I think it is same problem as there:

This was fixed on the juce7 branch. I’ll cherry pick the corresponding commit over the the develop branch too.

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Fixed now for me on develop branch also, thanks.