Different rendering under MacOS X and Windows 7

I've got the same rendering engine accross all platforms, however it seems that juce graphics render differently on mac and on pc

Win 7 :

Mac Os X : 

The antialising is done differently, I suppose it's because of core graphics. There's no horizontal antialiasing on vertical lines on the PC version. Is there a way to have the PC version antialiased too ?  Maybe by switching to open GL ? 

Can you post the few lines involved in the core of your paint() callback? I have gotten pretty used to anti-aliasing on vertical lines and learned how to "control" them if I want to avoid it (e.g. for gridlines) by using coordinates "between" the pixels (+0.5f). Are your horizontal points maybe clamped to .5f values?

You can also use drawVerticalLine if you want to avoid antialiasing at all. 

What if you want aliasing on Windows like you get on OSX? :)

I'm starting to see the problem :-)

@Peter Emanuel : I use int coordinates so I don't think that's the problem

@Patrick : yep seen that but I want the antialiasing. I'd like to have windows behave like mac OS, not the opposite ;)

You didn't actually say how you're drawing this, but I guess you're rendering an image and then stretching it when you draw it? If so, that's not a particularly good or fast way to draw a waveform (just using a Path is usually best), and at such extreme transformations each rendering engine will have different rendering artifacts. The fastest engine will be openGL of course, but I really wouldn't recommend doing this with images at all.

You're a psychic ! Yes indeed that's what I do. Will follow you advice, thanks a lot !