DirectoryIterator and Combo boxes - noob question

I could not find an answer already posted for this situation in this forum (possibly because the answer is that this is really easy to do and should have been obvious).  I am wondering if someone can help me get this cleared up.

I am trying to fill a combo box (libraryList) with the names of all folders under "Top/Subject/Items".  It seems like the code below should work, but libraryList remains empty.  Is there something that I am missing?

    File directory("/Top/Subject/Items");
    DirectoryIterator iter(directory, true, "*.*", File::findDirectories);
    int iterCount = 0;
    while ( == true)
        if(iter.getFile().isDirectory() == true)
            libraryList->addItem(iter.getFile().getFileName(), iterCount);

Thank you very much!




Searching for *.* will only return names that contain a dot.