Disable still picture sound?


so I’m using the CameraDevice to implement a live qr code scanner. The preview is running continuously and every 50ms I’m taking a still picture and process it for qr codes. This is working fine. But on my iPhone test device I’m getting that annoying shutter sound when taking the picture. Is is possible to turn this off programmatically?

I think that is controlled by the OS, not by apps. In Japan, I think, it is not even legal for a phone to not make a noise when operating the camera, so even muting the phone sounds manually doesn’t work. Too many “upskirt” pictures, I guess.

The way other apps do it is by capturing video and analyzing the frames.

Thanks, I’ll try that!

Ok I’m ready to use video now. Is there an easy way to get the frames of a videofile?

Isn’t it in any way possible to take a snapshot of the preview? It’s just QR code scanning. The preview image would work fine. I just can’t get my hands on it.