Displaying the tooltip while adjusting a slider?

The tooltip window seems to be largely out of our control. What I’d like to do is have the tooltip window show up at a particular location and display a slider’s value while I’m adjusting the slider. Is there any means to do this? Or could I create a new tooltip object that extends the standard Tooltip window object, that I can have more control over? Or would I have to do this by creating my own slider object?

Any help would be appreciated.


Why not use Slider::setPopupDisplayEnabled() ?

Hi Jules,

The setPopupDisplayEnabled() popup looks great but it only displays the value of the knob (in my case, 0.0 to 1.0), and doesn’t allow me to display a translated value (i.e. 18000 Hz, or 2.5 seconds, or +6dB, or 90%, etc.). The tooltip feature of course let’s me format the data before it’s displayed.

Is there a way to control what is displayed by setPopupDisplayEnabled()?


You could overload getTextFromValue() ?

YES! That’s perfect. Thanks!