DJ Swivel Plugins hiring: C++ & JUCE developer wanted

We’re looking for an experienced C++ developer with familiarity of the JUCE platform to join the DJ Swivel Plugin team. We have an existing plugin framework already developed which we’ll continue to use. The goal of adding another developer is to help speed up the development process and expand the teams expertise.

Job Description:
Work alongside a team to tackle building both new product, as well as addressing any potential bugs in existing product. We have an existing plugin framework that will continue to be used. This would start as freelance work with the possibility for a full hire.

-Freelance experience developing and releasing a commercially sold product (will request to see/test)
-5+ years experience with C++ & JUCE
-Ability to develop new and original DSP algorithms
-An understanding of OpenGL, Metal, and graphics programming
-An understanding of software licensing/security
-Can work remotely within a team environment
-Can be flexible with hours/days worked, as our team is spread out between Europe and North America.

For qualified applicants who would like more information about the position, please email info (at) djswivel (dot) com with links to your plugins as well as a resume/cover letter detailing your experience! We’ll be conducting interviews over the coming weeks and intend to begin work at the top of the new year.

Thank you!

-DJ Swivel

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