DLL Complie Error

“In a Windows DLL build, we’ll expose some malloc/free functions that live inside the DLL, and use these for
allocating all the objects - that way all juce objects in the DLL and in the host will live in the same heap,
avoiding problems when an object is created in one module and passed across to another where it is deleted.
By piggy-backing on the JUCE_LEAK_DETECTOR macro, these allocators can be injected into most juce classes.” in line 167 of juce_Memory.h.
But when I complie use the “JUCE_DLL_BUILD” macro in MSVC, that will cause the C2385 error.

So how can I complie JUCE into dynamic library with MSVC?

I found when I use the JUCE_LEAK_DETECTOR macro,operator new and operator delete in derived and all of base classes were overloaded.Then it caused C2385 error.