Do I need to register QuickTimeAudioFormat?


Hi, jules
How are you?
I am building QuickTimeAudioFormat on Mac. I did not see this quickTimeFormat is registered to AudioFormatManager in juce.
When I open the mp3 file, it gives me error.

What I did for building QuickTime on mac is :

  1. in juce_Config.h
    set :
    #if ! (defined (JUCE_QUICKTIME) || defined (LINUX) || (defined (_WIN32) && ! defined (_MSC_VER)))
    #define JUCE_QUICKTIME 1

Is it enough to build QuickTime to juce?
I see flac and ogg, which are registered to audioFormatManager in juce.



The quicktime format isn’t added to the format manager by default, but you could add it if you want to. Or just use it directly to open you file.