Do I really need to call initialiseJUCE (Context appContext); on Android?

This is how Juce is started on Android:

public native static void initialiseJUCE (Context appContext);

This calls

void Thread::initialiseJUCE (void* jniEnv, void* context)
    static CriticalSection cs;
    ScopedLock lock (cs);

    // jniEnv and context should not be null!
    jassert (jniEnv != nullptr && context != nullptr);

which ensures appContext is not null.

I would like to use Juce through Flutter, suing Dart’s FFI. However, I cannot use FFI to start Juce because Dart has no Context appContext to call the lib directly. I end up having to rely on java to load the lib, and then I’m stuck having to write proxy functions from java to C++ for every juce call I want to do.

Is there a solution for this?