Documentation clarification


in case it’ll save some other daft bugger a few minutes of head-scratching, the documentation for path:addArc and similar should make clear that the endRadians value accepts values beyond 2pi.

Because the documentation makes clear that the path is drawn in a clockwise manner, I was assuming that an arc 1.5 pi to 0.5 pi would draw from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock via 12 o’clock rather than via 6. Once I realised that I need to use 1.5pi to 2.5pi, it made sense (though I’m a litttle perplexed by the clockwise reference as a result).

I’m sure someone somewhere will also be caught out by this though, so it might be worth throwing in a clarification.

It is really confusing, but it has to be done like that so that the arc can be drawn in either direction. I’ll add some comments to try to make it a bit clearer!

Hello, a quick question: if I create a new Path and addArc to it, then draw the path, there is always a line going from the 0,0 point of the canvas to the start of the arc. I just want the arc. How do I get around this?





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