Documentation typo


In DrawablePath :

/** Changes the path that will be drawn.
        @see setFillColour, setStrokeType
    void setPath (const Path& newPath);

but setFillColour does not exist.


Ta, will fix that.


another typo : grep for miniumum (there is 1 in StretchableObjectResizer and 4 in FloatVectorOperations)


Thanks, I’ll fix that.


in juce_dsp.h:

(for exmaple, by using the


Thanks, will sort it out.


Jumping on this thread:
in modules/juce_dsp/containers/juce_SIMDRegister.h
A few of the multiply/product comments are mislabeled as subtract/difference.
line 142 s/Subtracts/Multiplies/
line 195 s/difference/product/


Thanks for the heads-up, will fix this now.


Found another in that file that was kind of annoying to track down.
For the multiplyAdd function the comment says the wrong parameters.

The comment is:
/** Multiplies a and b and adds the result to c. */
but actually multiplyAdd multiplies b and c and adds it to a.


I’ll take a look at it, thanks.