DocumentWindow's resize on MaximiseButton

Hello All,

In window platform An application’s mainWindow is extended with DocumentWindow as usual in general juce type development.I have one resize issue , and i am curious any one facing same issue ? :?

Following configuration are set for DocumentWindow
DocumentWindow::setResizable(true, true);
DocumentWindow::setResizeLimits(800, 600, 8192, 8192);

Now when pressing Maximize button for the first time, On maximiseButtonPressed() event my whole window is set to small size and it is 100x100, Now when i resize window with right bottom, it directly set to 800x600 that is minimum size configured for DocumentWindow in my case.

Currently i am using setSize(1024,768) :wink: when maximizeButtonPressed. But still in this case, first it set to very small size like 100x100 and after that flickering it is set to (1024,768).
What could be possible here ? :idea: Any idea guys, had any one faced something like that before ?